March 29, 2011
First stop Donkey Hill
I found Mark in Oatman, AZ at the Christmas Tree Cache.  We climbed to the top of this hill to find this cache and stopped to look around and the views from this site were amazing, took some pics and will keep moving Mark along with us for awhile.

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Fedruary 16, 2011
Kennedy Space Center and The Daytona 500
I took Mark with me on a business trip to Boca Raton Florida on February 16, 2011. After my business was complete we headed North on I-95. We stopped at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. We were inspired by the space shuttle "Inspiration." We then continued North to Daytona Beach. We stayed in a nice little motel on the beach called the Dream Inn. We enjoyed a nice long walk on the beach and fabulous weather the entire trip. Sunny and 70's, you can't beat it. 
On Sunday we headed out bright and early to get to the track and experience the Daytona 500. Wow...150,000 people, 43 cars with 800 horse power each going by at almost 200 mph! Wether you are a race fan or not, it is quite a sight and something I have always wanted to experience. We paid tribute to Dale Earnhardt, ejoyed walking on the track and checking out the start/finish line before the race. We admired the Corvettes at the Chevrolet display in the infield. Martina McBride sang the National Anthem. Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley also performed. The US Airforce Thunderbirds did a fly over and it was time to start the race. It was an exciting race, on a beautiful Florida day. The place was packed. It took hours to get out of there after the race. But it was well worth the trip. 
We flew out Monday morning, sun burned and tired from an exciting trip. Mark and I parted ways on the plane...He has more places to go and hearts to touch.

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October 9, 2010
Kauai, Hawaii
We took Mark to Hanalei Bay, Kalihiwai, Spouting Horn, Queen's Bath, & Kilauea Lighthouse.

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July 23, 2010
Southwest of Macon, GA
It was hot in Wildwood Park: 93 degrees, 88% humidity, but quiet and peaceful.

July 19, 2010
All Over!
I have been terrible at updating, but Mark has now traveled with us to Italy - Rome, Venice, Pisa and Florence.  Hawaii, Berlin and Potsdam Germany as well as Dublin and Belfast.  A great time was had by all and most recently I left Mark sitting along the Grand Canal enjoying a nice breeze and watching the gondola pass!

July 19, 2010
Mark traveled with us all throughout NYC.

VIew our Pictures! Having  a DrinkCity SubwayHockey1Hockey 2

July 14, 2010
Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa
I first "found" Mark on my mother's desk... she worked with Mark for years and he was part of our extended family. I took Mark from my mom and took Mark out west on a motorcycle adventure to Sturgis, South Dakota and Key Line, Wyoming.
Mark went to Sturgis bike week and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the least populated county in the least populated state. On our way back to NY, Mark stopped off at Iowa 80 truck stop.

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July 4, 2010
Amman/Ramallah, Jordan/Palestine
I drove past the Dead Sea, and drove from Amman, Jordan to Ramallah Palestine. Mark has been to the tops of mountains and the lowest point on earth with me (the Dead Sea). I'll be giving Mark to my aunt whose traveling to Turkey and returning back to me. Ill then give him back to my cousin whose traveling to Rome in a month or so. Pictures will be up soon. <3

June 22, 2010
Anchorage, Alaska / Tanglewood, Lenox MA
I took Mark to Anchorage, Alaska.  Love those mountains.
I had also taken him to Tanglewood, Lenox (MA).

May 13, 2010
Holyoke, MA
Mt. Tom

April 17, 2010
Auburn, NY
Found Mark at the Finger Lakes Drive In

Rock Hill, NY
Cold, rainy, windy,  abit of hail plus a power outage but a fun time with Barb Fineco, formerly second grade teacher at Cady Stanton.  Did any of your gang have her?  I credit her for the excellent writing skills Kimi had.
Love, Cathy

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Last weekend Tulsa, Oklahoma.  
Lovely state park.

Fiji and Wellington, New Zealand
My friend took Mark's photo to Fiji and Wellington, New Zealand

Sandestin, FL
I took Mark's photo with me to Sandestin, a beach area about 1.5 hours east of Pensacola.
The sand was so white I had to do a double take that it wasn't snow!

Mobile, Alabama
--Where it was as cold as Albany, NY!

Hope all is well with you and yours.
Love, Cathy

Wakulla Springs
Wakulla Springs State Park, just south of Tallahassee.  Very nice.
Have a great holiday season.
Love, Cathy

Derby, NC
Basically 'nowhere' but a serene area, unrushed, unfettered.
Hope you have a happy holiday season with your family.
Love, Cathy

Overton, NV
Mark gave me the most perfect day to go through the Valley of Fire State Park in Overton, NV.  Quite spectacular scenery and according to the sign, we were looking over 150 million years of time.  Quite awesome.
Hope you have the best turkey day with lots of love around you and feel Mark's presence with you, your children, and your grandchildren.
Love, Cathy

Warwick Park, Warwick, RI
Very nice park, very nice day.
Love, Cathy

October 30, 2009
London, England
I was given Mark by a friend Karen.  We took Mark to London and the surrounding areas.  We have posted pictures of Mark on the London Eye, Stonehenge, the Parliament Building in London, Windsor Castle, & Buckingham Palace.

View our Pictures! London EyeStonehengeLondon1London2

Umatilla, Oregon / Mt. Hood, Oregon
Incredible scenery and foliage.

September 26, 2009
Olympia, WA
I found Mark at a geocaching event in Olympia.

September 16, 2009
Paris, France
Paris is a very beautiful city. My camera broke the 1st day there, so no pictures.  On the second day we did a lot of walking (pic). We saw Notre Dame (pic), but sadly did not climb to the top as the line was far too long, and we had a lot of exploring to do.  We went to the Louvre (pic), which is gigantic.  At the Louvre, Mark got to see Mona Lisa (pic), who we all thought would be bigger.  Mark also got to see Venus de Milo (pic).  From the Louvre we walked down the entire Champs-Élysées, one of the most famous streets in the world.  Our walk down this street ended at the Arc de Triomphe (pic).  Then we headed towards the Eiffel Tower, but on the way grabbed a baguette (seriously, it is not a cliché, the French really do eat lots of baguettes), cheese, and some fruit and had a picnic dinner right beside the Eiffel Tower.  We then waited in line to go up the tower, and our timing was perfect, we were on the middle level at sunset, and the top at night.  The next day we went to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica (pic).  It was a rainy day, so we headed to the Musée d'Orsay (pic).  There we saw lots of Monet & Mark met Vincent Van Gogh (pic).

View our Pictures! Out WalkingNotre DameLouvreMona LisaVenus de MiloArc de TriompheSacré-Coeur BasilicaVincent Van Gogh

Bruges &  De Haan, Belgium
We caught the 7am train from London to Bruges (via Brussels).  Bruges was beautiful... they call it the Venice of the north.  It is also one of the most well preserved medieval cities.  Mark joined us as we explored the city (several pictures).  My friend Nina from Germany (and her friend Kathrin) drove up to spend the day with us Saturday.  After exploring Bruges the 5 of us drove up to De Haan to see the North Sea (pic).  While in Bruges, we were sure to eat plenty of Belgian chocolate, waffles, and frites.  (Interesting fact: French Fries are actually from Belgium, some parts of Belgium speak primarily french, hence the name).

View our Pictures! Bruges1Bruges2Bruges3North Sea

Bath, Salisbury & Amesbury, London
We took a train from London to Bath.  In Bath we visited Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths.  The Roman Baths are amazing (pic).  Even more amazing is that they are thousands of years old.  The next day we took a train to Salisbury, where we took a bus up to Amesbury to see Stonehenge.  While there, Mark joined in a group shot with me and our honeymooning friends, Mark & Gloria  and also posed for a solo picture in front of the prehistoric stone monument that has likely been around since 3000 BC.  On the way back to Salisbury we stopped at Old Sarum (pic).  Once back in Salisbury, we visited the cathedral (several pics) and Mark befriended the Cathedral's guard kitty (pic).  We then took a train back to London (see previous entry).

View our Pictures! Roman BathsStonehenge1Stonehenge2Old SarumCathedral1Cathedral2Cathedral3Cathedral Kitty

September 11, 2009
Munich, Germany
A friend gave him to me in Belgium to take him with me on my travel.

View our Pictures! Germany

September 10, 2009
You can add Fenton City Park, Fenton, MO and Columbia. MO to Mark's website.
I'm going to Boston Saturday but I'm quite sure I've taken Mark's photo there before.
Hope all is going well and settling into a nice routine in the aftermath of the wedding.
Ashley started third grade today and Zachary started kindergarten.  
Love, Cathy

September 4, 2009
London, England
Mark is my sorority sister's father, so she sent me some pictures to take on my travels.
On our first day in London, we met up with our friends Mark and Gloria who happened to be in London on their honeymoon, so Mark was an accomplice in our "honeymoon crashing".  We visited the British Library (pic).  Later on we went on a ride on the London Eye (pic).  The next day we took a train to Bath (I'll write up this side trip in another entry).  We left from Paddington Station (pic), though no bear sightings.  After visiting Bath, Salisbury, & Stonehenge over the course of two days we returned to London.  The 1st day back we walked around the city.  We walked across Tower Bridge (pic) and saw the Tower of London (pic).  We also walked across the Millennium bridge (the one they destroy in Harry Potter 6 movie) which gave us a great view of St. Paul's Cathedral (pic).  We also saw Parliament (pic) and Westminster Abbey (pic).  The next day we went to Greenwich and saw the prime meridian.  Afterwards we came back to London and walked around a bit more (picture of Buckingham Palace).

View our Pictures! British LibraryLondone EyePaddington StationTower BridgeTower of LondonSt. Paul's Cathedral ChurchParlimentWestminster AbbeyBuckingham Palace

July 28, 2009
Rachel (DeAngelo) Donahue
Norfolk, VA
Naval Station Norfolk, Oceanview VA, USS Wisconsin, Virginia Beach VA

March 18, 2009
Took Mark's photo to:
Garden City, Utah
Bear Lake, Idaho
Estes Park, Colorado.

Quite beautiful places.

Hope all is well.
Love, Cathy

April 17, 2009
Naples, FL - To the Beach
Mark was given to me by some clients. I am the rental manager at Mari Vesci Realty here on Vanderbilt Beach. The couple that gave him to me told me that he had been boating, sightseeing and fishing in the Naples area and just enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather. Today he will go with some friend to see alligators in the everglades. Then he will be leaving with another couple and going on a cross counrty trip and them possilly to Germany.
Safe travels Mark.

April 2, 2009
The Philippines - Baguio
We left from Sysacuse Ny on Feb 19th & arrived in Manila Feb 20th.  We visited the Spanish Fort & the Chinese Cemetery.  Then flew to Dumaguete City, we hired a boat to take us to Apo Island to snorkel.  We traveled to Bais City & went on a boat to watch Dolphins.  /We never saw any dolphins but we saw the mangrove forest & went swimming at the sand bar.  We then went to Casororo Falls & had dinner & sang some Kareoke.  We went to the Makati museum & mall  & saw a high school play in Dagupan.  Then on to the rice terraces in Banaue.  We also watched the parade for Panagbenga (the flower festival)

View our Pictures!  The Phillipines: Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4Picture 5Picture 6Picture 7

March 30, 2009
Jim & Mary
Northern tip of Maine to the Southern end of Maine
Mark, after a balloon ride, landed on Long Lake in St. Agatha, ME, where we met him. Mark enjoyed a snowmobile ride on the lake and a day of ice fishing.  The picture shows Mark with our cousin Ray looking across the lake to New Brunswick, Canada.

The one thing my husband found strange was how much Mark resembled my younger brother who passed away in 2006 at the age of 32 from complications of Lukemia.  He brought Mark back home to Durham, ME, but we will take Mark up to Canada when we return to camp.

Our best wishes to Mark's family.

Mary & Jim

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March 18, 2009
I took Mark's photo to Oak Ridge, TN.
Laura took his photo to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Hope all is going well.
Love, Cathy

February 17, 2009
I took Mark's photo with me to Austin, TX.  After a few days there, I went to Copperas Cove, TX (a small town abut 85 miles north west of Austin) to visit my friend who has been taking Mark's photo overseas: Morrocco, Cambodia, etc.).
Hope all is well your way.
Love, Cathy

February 7, 2009

My friend Laura has just returned from a trip.  She took Mark/photo to Morocco (specifically Casablanca and Marrakesh), Gibraltar, and Madrid.
Hope all is going well.
Love, Cathy

January 29, 2009
Lahaina in Maui, HI

Very warm and Mark enjoyed the whale watch--six whales.  I'll forward the video my friend made.  
Love, Cathy

January 4, 2009
Norrie State Park  Staatsburg, NY

Hope the new year is everything it could, would, should be for you and your loved ones.
Love, Cathy

December 31, 2008
Cynthia and Larry
Argentina and Chile
I read about Mark and then went on the website and requested a photo of Mark to take on our future adventures.  December 9, 2008 - December 28, 2008, Mark traveled with us to South America.

Mark joined us on an OAT tour adventure that started in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  From there, we flew to El Calafate, Argentina, where we began an overland bus  journey through the plain and Patagonia steppes of Chile.  We stayed one night in Torres de Paine Nathional Park; another night at a working estancia (sheep ranch) in Chile.  Finally we reach Punta Arenas where Mark, along with 20 other people, boarded the Via Australis small ship.  We cruised the Straits of Magellan and the Beagle Channel, through the Chilean Fjords.  Our final destination was Cape Horn Island where, thank to unusally calm weather, we were able to take the zodiacs to the island and disembark toclimp the over 160 steps to the top of the hill and the albatros monument signifying the end of the world.
Mark rode along with us during the entire trip.  He experienced Buenos Aires and the excitment of the city.  He went to the best tango show in town, rode the train to the resort town of Tigre and dined in restaurants serving the famous Argentine beef.
All in all, we feel Mark had a wonderful South America adventure.

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December 18, 2008
Last weekend took Mark's photo to Charlotte, NC.  
Have a great holiday with your family.
Love, Cathy

December 10, 2008
My friend is just back from her trip; she took Mark's photo to Cambodia, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, and Thailand.  
Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
Love, Cathy

November 24, 2008
I took the photo to Hagerstown and Boonsboro, Maryland this past weekend.  Also to the Antietam Battlefield.
If it's ok, I'll make copies of the photo and give it to some of my marathoning friends who travel to more exotic places than myself.  
Have a great holiday.  As I'm sure you know, the holidays put an added dimension to the poignant loss.

November 18, 2008
The Andrzejek Family
Greece and Turkey - Following the path of St. Paul

We heard about Mark's travels on a local Syracuse Radio Station
We went with a group of 22 people counting Mark in November 2008 following the travels of St. Paul in Greece including a Greek Island Cruise and a stop in Kusadasi Turkey.  Below is info on the trip that Mark shared with us.

Nov. 01 DAY 1: DEPART U.S.A.
We left Warren, RI today by motorcoach to JFK for an overnight flight to Greece.

Nov. 02 DAY 2:  Welcome to Greece- ATHENS–THESSALONIKI  
Connecting in Athens, we arrived in the Macedonian capital of Thessalonica, in the Northern part of Greece. We where greeted by a tour guide and board the motorcoach. We start our tour of Thessalonica, named after Alexander the Great’s sister. Thessalonica is the second largest city in Greece and capital of Greek Macedonia. The apostle (St. Paul) spent some time here during his Second Missionary Journey and established a church to whom he wrote two letter (1 and 2 Thessalonians). We visit the Agora where a mob was formed against Paul. Visit St. George Church, the Galerius Arch and the Basilica of St. Sophia and St. Demetrius.  We also see the White Tower which is the symbol of the city.  

We saw the ancient port of Kavala, where Paul landed with his disciplines, Timothy and Silas and toured the city, before continuing on to Philippi, following the same ancient road of Via Egnatia the apostle took into the city. Here at Philippi, Paul preached his first evangelical sermon and baptized the first Christians in Europe. You see the prison where Paul was held, the Market Place, Basilica and the Theater.  Also visit the Amphipolis, from where Alexander the Great set out to conquer the world. Here Paul considered staying, and we see the famous Lion Monument before returning to Thessalonica, via Apollonia.  

 We continued our trip through Greek Macedonia, where the Christian congregations were most devoted to Paul, their founder. We see the Bema and the Monument dedicated to the apostle.  We travel to Vergina, ancient Aigai the original capital of the Macedonian empire to see the impressive tombs housed in the museum, one of which is the tomb of Phillip II, Alexander’s father.  In the afternoon we discussed Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great and then continue to the center of Greece and the typical Greek town of Kalambaka. 

Today we drove up the narrow, steep roads to reach the incredible architectural wonders built over seven hundred years ago and found suspended atop huge granite rocks. The name Meteora means “high in the air”. One of the highlights of your trip will be a visit to the incredibly beautiful Monastery of Metamorphosis with the church and the Museum containing priceless historic and religious treasures. We continued to Delphi.  The landscape here is of unparallel beauty, and we enjoy a walking tour of the center of the ancient world known as the “navel” of the earth.  Here we toured the ancient sanctuary of Apollo, and the ruins of the temple of Athena.  Leaders from all over the world flocked to the Oracle for advice... we joined the group ;-)

Paul visited Athens during his second missionary journey and we see the Agora, where the apostle spoke to the philosophers and the people of the city, then we visit the famous Acropolis and the ruins of Parthenon, Mars Hill, Constitution Square, House of Parliament, the Presidential Palace and more. In the afternoon travel to Corinth following the same land tour Paul took.  See the marketplace where the Apostle preached, the Archeological Museum and the Temples. Paul stayed here a long time and founded the first church consisting entirely of Gentiles. On the way back to Athens see the Corinth Canal and Cenchraeae harbor from which Paul sailed several times, home of another early church and of an influential of a Christian women mentioned by the apostle.  We also passed Isthmia which housed the impressive Temple of Poseidon. 

We transfered to Piraeus where we embarked on a three-day cruise. First stop is a picture perfect Mykonos, with its white houses and world famous windmills.

Nov. 08 DAY 8: RHODES 
We took an excursion to visit the Temple of Athena on the majestic rocky Acropolis of Lindos.  In the afternoon we explored the island, where the Knights of St. John built magnificent fortresses and parks.  This was AWESOME!  Mark and I want to go back sometime.

Today take a tour to the ancient city of Ephesus, where Paul preached. We walked down the well preserved streets over 5000 years old to the Library. See the Monastery of St. John, where tradition tells us the Apostle is buried. We also visited Mary’s house where tradition tells us Mary spent her last days upon leaving the Holy Land with St. John, and celebrate Mass at this peaceful spot and we offered prayers for Mark and his family .  In the afternoon the cruise continued towards Patmos, where St. John the Divine received the mystical revelation which forms the last book of The New Testament. We also went to the Grotto of the Revelation and the 11th century Monastery of St. John (which houses the original manuscript of the Gospel.) - You will see some pictures from here.

Nov. 10 DAY 10:  We returned from Athens to JFK and then traveled bake to to Warren, RI. and finally Hamilton, NY on Nov 11th.

Thank you for joining us on our trip.  God Bless You!

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November, 2008
I am a sorority sister of Morgan's so we heard about this wonderful idea shortly after it was started.  It is the most amazing way to keep someone's legacy alive!!

Mark went everywhere with us on this trip!  We started in Las Vegas, our annual vacation destination (hopefully to live sometime!) Staying with another sorority sister.  We visited California, including being stuck in a forest fire jumping the highway traffic jam!  All the Vegas sites, Red Rock, Bellagio Fountain Show, old town Vegas, we made sure Mark was with us every step of the way, including shopping!!  
Next summer Mark will be traveling to Nigeria with our sister Jodie and I will do my best to ensure that Mark will go everywhere that we do!  Enjoy some of our pictures, even though he isn't in them all, he was with us!! Love you Morgan, Chris and Family!!

View our Pictures!  Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4Picture 5

November 3, 2008
Over the weekend, St. George's, Delaware near Newark, DE.

October 27, 2008
My friend took Mark to Washington, D.C. over the weekend.  
He's now at her home in Copperas Cove, TX.

October 26, 2008
Branson, MO 
My sister Fran from Geneva, NY told me about Mark and this site. She knows that we occasionally travel and she wanted me to take Mark with us on any future trips we take.
This was our first time to Branson, MO. We saw some great shows including Mel Tillis and his family, Dolly Parton's Dixie Land Stampede Show, Jim Stafford & his family, Andy Williams, Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers, The Twelve Irish Tenors, Bill Haley's Original Comets and several Comedy shows at the Grand Country Music Hall. Besides the shows, the area is full of natural beauty. There is lot's to do & see, including hiking, boating, fishing and so much more!  We thoroughly enjoyed this trip and we highly recommend it.  It was a tour guided trip, so everything was planned out by the travel agency. We intend to go back to Branson on our own and have a closer look. Great Trip! These are pictures of what Mark got to see with us. We took pictures of him at several places and we left him off at several places too. I hope someone see's you Mark and we pray that you take many more trips! We enjoyed having you with us!  God Bless your family for doing this for you.  You are truly loved by them!  Happy Traveling To You Mark!         PS: We will also leave Mark around our area in New Mexico.

View our Pictures!  Branson Landing Town Square, Branson Landing Town Square1, Mark at Branson Landing Town Square, Mark at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater, Mark at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater1, Mark at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater2, Mark at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater3, Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ at Pampa, TX,  Mark Left at the First Station of The Cross

October 19, 2008
Atlantic City, NJ

October 7, 2008
Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Sorrento, Capri, Rome - Italy
In April a group of women from Seneca Falls will be traveling to Italy. We will take Mark with us and report on our trip when we return. Most of us are teachers and know Mark's delightful children.

September 11, 2008
Morgan and Christopher
San Juan and Carolina, Puerto Rico
Dad came with Christopher and I to Puerto Rico. It was beautiful weather and the sun shone almost the whole time. We went swimming often and took many walks on the beach. We also went to El Yunque which is a rainforest in Puerto Rico. I took pictures of Dad in the airport before we left to come home. We left him in the airport and on several different planes.
View our Pictures! Ocean1Ocean 2Beach 1Beach 2Beach 3El YunqueLizardDad and PlaneDad in Airport

September 9, 2008
Mexico City
I found Mark in Yankee Stadium (July 2008) and I took him to visit Mexico.  Until now he just know Mexico City but I hope to travel soon so he will know another beautiful cities of my country.

September 6, 2008
Hull, Hingham, Boston
We went to the beach in Hull MA., New England Aquarium right in Boston, and walked around the city.

Mark had a really nice time at the beach in Hull, MA. He went boogey boarding, and on the carousel. He also had a little bit of was very hot and sunny that day.

We went to the Aquarium of New England and he really enjoyed the sharks and the jelly fish.  There are so many different types of jelly fish to see that we were at the aquarium for hours. 

We then made our way over to Quincy market and that is where he met a man named Todd that was thinking it was strange of me to be taking pictures of a picture... he read the back of the photo and said that he will be taking Mark home with him to VA. 

Jessica, I hope your dad had as much fun as my son and I.  You're a really good friend... and I hope your dad is smiling down for all that you have done to honor him.

View our Pictures! BeachRocksBoogey Boarding,  CarouselAquarium 1Aquarium 2Aquarium 3Aquarium 4Aquarium 5

October 12, 2008
A quite beautiful day here so we drove my friend, visiting from AZ, (and Mark) to Hogback Mountain in VT, an hour east.
A beautiful drive capped by a beautiful view of vibrant foliage overlooking four states: NY, VT, NH, MA.

October 11, 2008
I took Mark to Hartford, CT today.  Incredible  foliage en route.

September 30, 2008
Last weekend Mark was at my favorite place: Lake Tahoe.  I ran around the whole lake (72 miles) which put him both in California and Nevada.  

I gave Mark's pictures to my friend, Laura Garrett,  who owns a marathon business; she goes more places than me, and also travels internationally.
She'll be in touch as to where she goes with Mark.

September 22, 2008
I took Mark to Boston, MA over the weekend

September 6, 2008
I took Mark to Manchester, VT this morning.

August 11, 2008
Seneca Falls to Cohoes
Kris, Jessica, Nora, Mirinda, Morgan, Bret--
I don't get back to SF often but Jim saves FL newspapers for me. I've had the 7/18 story in my purse ever since.  So Mark has been in Cohoes, NY.  
With Kimi's one year anniversay yesterday, I'm still trying to figure out how to breathe in the aftermath.  I'm trying to get back to my running.  Going to Manitou Springs Wednesday for Pike's Peak.  I'll take the newspaper article with me.  
I hope you are all well.  My grandchildren are my lifeline; I know your children and grandchildren are for you.  You're in my prayers.  Love, Cathy 

August 5, 2008
New York - will be traveling with me to Europe
I found Mark in the last few days of a 1 year trip around the world, so I only took him to New York. But I'm going around Europe towards the end of 2008 and in 2009 I am going to Australia and New Zealand so I'll be taking him with me! I might also go to India and various other places as well. When I do I'll post back on here!

View our Pictures! Dryden Queen DinerNew York

July 27, 2008
Amman, Jordan; Middle East
Mark has been traveling with me all year!!
I know, I know....taking Mark to the Middle East seems Dangerous, but I promise, we were safe and he had a great time.  JORDAN!!!! we saw all of the sights.  We spent our first day at a spa at the Dead Sea - Lowest point on earth!!  We covered ourselves in  mud and floated around for a while before getting some sun.  On the second day we went to Petra  (for those of you not fmailiar with Petra - it is a "city" carved into the face of a cliff 2000 years ago --- made famous to most as the home of the holy grail in Indiana Jones and the Last was very very hot.  On our return for Petra we stopped at Wadi Rum (Desert) and took a 4x4 tour of the surrounding area...where our 4x4 ran out of the middle of the desert.....and had to be pushed for a bit....

The family we were staying with was getting ready for a wedding so the rest of the week was spent with wonderful Arabic music, singing, dancing and general FUN!!!!!

We will be returning to Jordan in the spring....but only after my newfound friends take Mark on some adventures of their own...first stop Dublin...then...who knows!!!!

July 24, 2008
Wellington (W Palm Beach) Florida
Mark traveled with me to Florida via Reagan Nat'l Airport in DC. We landed in West Palm Beach and spent the week lazing around the pool, eating, and enjoying friends and family. Mark is flying to California next, where he'll mount up and motorcycle back across the country, sight-seeing all the way. He'll end up back in Auburn in time to join another trip to Washington state, where he'll be motoring around that state as well as possibly some in northern California, visiting vinyards and wineries as he goes.

July 22, 2008
Mary Lu (but Mark called me ML)
New York City and New Jersey
Read about him in the Finger Lakes Times and got a picture from Uva to take Mark to a Yankee's game at Yankee Stadium. 
This is the last year for Yankee Stadium, next year they will play in their new stadium.  I met a very nice man, Roberto from Mexico City, Mexico.  I introduced Mark to him and Roberto was happy to take Mark to Mexico. 

July 22, 2008
Niagra Falls
My mom went with mark to Canada and put him at the front desk of her hotel for someone to find.

July 21, 2008
NJ, NY, CT and upstate NY
My friend introduced me to Mark at work and requested I take him on a trip with me this past weekend.

We participated in a full moon ceremony and sweat lodge with spiritual awakenings. Positive energy to send Mark on his journey.At the completion, Mark was introduced to Lily in Connecticut. Lily is preparing to take Mark to Cape Cod. We were honored to have Mark travel with us. PEACE

July 19, 2008
ITT Goulds Pumps
At the ITT Goulds Pumps location on Bayard Street we held a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. To raise money we put up a dunking booth and the top three managers who had the most money in their buckets, got dunked.  He sat right on top of the booth watching everyone getting dunked but by the end of the dunking, he was in the water himself. It was a great time and everyone was glad he was there to experience and help us raise money.

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July 18, 2008
San Antonio, TX and Cayman Islands
My husband Tony and I took Mark to the Final Four College Basketball Games in San Antonio, Texas.  We left Mark at the San Antonio airport to meet other people and go other places.  We had a great time!

We also took Mark to the Cayman Islands BWI.  The weather was fantastic and the scenery absolutely beautiful.  We left Mark at the Airport in Cayman Islands to hopefully catch another trip to some other exotic island.

View our Pictures! The Final Four 1The Final Four 2Caymen Islands 1Caymen Islands 2Caymen Islands 3Caymen Islands 4

July 18, 2008
Spiritual drive around Keuka Lake
Put the top down on our 2006 Mazda MX5, took the spirit of Mark around Keuka Lake, it was a gorgeous day, we stopped, bought veggies from the Amish market, had lunch in Naples (side tracked off to have lunch in Naples),then back to Geneva. Driving in a Miata with the top down on a nice day in The Finger Lakes is about as good as it gets, especially around one of the Finger Lakes.
 If Mark were actually in the car, I'm certain there would have been some practical joke played....bless all of you, a great family.

View our Pictures! 2006 Mazda MX5

July 17, 2008
Asheville & Charlotte - North Carolina
My sister found Mark in Disneyworld this past December.
Mark has been to Asheville NC in January and again in May. The mountains are very nice. We went to art galleries and dancing.
He just recently went to Charlotte NC.
I forgot he was in my purse. I think he would have liked the roof top pool in Charlotte that over looks the skyline of the city. We had dinner in a few fine restaurants. I will now pass him along to someone else as he is getting bored with me at this point. 

July 16, 2008
Don (I had worked with Mark)
Traveling across country
We went through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas-Dallas at rush hour, New Mexico, Az, Nevada, Utah, Nebraska, and we are in Iowa now. 

May 12, 2008
Grand Cayman, San Francisco, China
Here is the link to my Picassa web album for our trip to Grand Cayman, where I met Mark. When we return from China, I'll send another album.

I found Mark in the airport in Grand Cayman on May 11, 2008. I've brought him with me to San Francisco and I'll take him along to visit China in September 2008. We'll start in Beijing and I'll send him on his way when we leave from Shanghai in October. Hopefully he'll find someone who speaks English. 

March 27, 2008
Detroit to Chicago
Hi, Mark traveled with us on March 20th from Detroit to Chicago-just a quick morning trip. He stayed on that plane to travel to?  Take Care Amy

Janyuary 13, 2008
New York
Mark and his loving family were my neighbors since I was 7 years old.  Here I am at the age 25 and his loving wife is still my neighbor.  My second Mom!  I still remian close to them.

Spirtually Mark has gone everywhere I have been and the places yet to come.  I carry the ones I love close to heart.  So, when they have passed, I can say he's always been with me, and always will be.

To: Kris, Jessica, Morgan, Mirinda, Nora and Bret:
We've have known each other for many years and years to come.  I've put you all as part of my family.  So no matter how far I go, or where I go, you all will be with me.  You're like my second family!  I carry you all at heart.

January 24, 2008
Nassau Bahamas
Well what a trip we had to Nassau! IT was amazing and I am sure that Mark loved it!  We started out with a snowy ride to Syracuse but because of that we flew FIRST Class BABY!  I left Mark on that plane which was traveling to a Place I had never heard of so hopefully someone found him.  

Once we got to Nassau the fun began.   

We did a lot of drinking at different bars and enjoyed that warm sun and nice water.  We also did a lot of gambling at night in the casino. I have a picture coming of Mark at a slot machine gambling one night with me.  I have attached some pictures and more will come as soon as I get them off my camera.  Mark went shopping downtown Nassau with us and we was hanging out with all the Ladies.  I also took and left Mark at Atlantis, which I attached a picture of my cousin and me in Atlantis where I left Mark.  I also showed what Mark's hotel room view was all week and also a Picture of the ocean that Mark went for a swim in.  Senor Frogs was an amazing party bar that Mark and my entire family hung out at one night.  It was a blast! LOTS OF Drinks!!  The waterfalls Picture was where Mark was left a couple times, people must have liked him so much they kept picking him up!!  You can’t see him in the pic but under that waterfall is where he was.....

We had an awesome time together!  I was so happy that Mark also got to spend my 28th birthday with me!  We went out to dinner at a GREAT Italian Restaurant.  I could not have asked for a nicer guy to come along with me on my Trip.  There were times that Mark and I just sat on the beach and talked.  I cried with him and told him to watch out for his family and mine as well, especially my dad.  I can not thank Nora and her family for giving me this amazing experience.  Also thank you to Mark and Kris for creating an amazing daughter that I am so happy to call my FRIEND!!

As soon as I download more pictures I will attach them.  

I look forward to bringing Mark with me on another amazing adventure!

View our Pictures! Mark and the Girls, Atlantis, Hotel View, Ocean View, Senor Frogs, Waterfalls

March 2, 2008
Heading to Germany soon
I was never fortunate enough to meet Mark.....but I had to opportunity to work with his daughter one fine sunny summer and our adventures are legendary :)  I think that Mark's should be too!!!!  SO when we leave for our annual vacation at the end of March- He's coming with not so sunny GERMANY!!

Sanibel Island Florida
Mark came to the Mucky Duck to watch the sunset with us and also visited the kitchen at the Matsaluna Italian Restaurant. He also came to Ft Myers Beach .

February 18, 2008
Scotland and Thailand - Glasgow/Island of Phuket

I attach some pictures of Mark in Phuket Thailand with my family. I think he had a good time especially on the golf course and relaxing at the pool. I am having a little trouble with the Scottish pictures but I am working on it.

Robert and Paphawadi McElwee 

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January 24, 2008
I worked with Mark at ITT before his very unexpected passing.  Now I work with his Amazing Daughter Nora ( who i love so much)  I can not wait to take mark to Nassau Bahamas with me in March.  Not only will Mark be going to an amazing place but he will be spending my 28th birthday with me!  I hope he is ready for a crazy fun time!!! 

January 10, 2008
Houston/Tomball, Texas; Orlado Florida
I met Mark in the laundry room of the All-Star Music Resort at Disneyworld in Orlando, FL on or about Dec. 11, 2007.  He was sitting on the folding table and so we picked him up and took him with us.

We took Mark with us to Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios and EPCOT.  He rode with me, my son and my daughter on the Tower of Terror, and also on Aerosmith's Rock-n-Roller Coaster.  I am sorry it has taken me so long to get this posted, but we have all been sick and of course we had the holidays, which was a busy time for all.  Mark spent Christmas and New Year's with us here at our home in Houston, and I plan to take him with me on my upcoming trips to Miami, FL and Lima, Peru (with a layover in Panama City, Panama) with some neat destinations coming up, I hate to see Mark go, so I will keep him a little longer... ;-)   Will try to get some pictures up soon...

December 24, 2007
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I met Mark over 25 years ago when I started working at Goulds. For many years we worked together and kept each other up to date on what was going on in our childrens and families lives. 

Mark joined me and another one of our co-workers(Bill Blair) on a business trip to Philadelphia this past October. Although we went for work, we found time to have some fun with Mark also.  We took a train ride to Willow Grove Mall and went shopping at the mall there. Then we had a great meal at the Cheesecake factory before returning to Philadelphia. That evening we went on a haunted tour of the Eastern State Prison and the special effects were great. Mark was always trying to scare us at work, so, this was right up his alley. Ghosts and goblins jumping out of the dark, screams being heard all over the prison yard. We had our picture taken when we first got inside; they treat you like a prisoner and line you up at the wall for your mug shots. We bought some halloween decorations and gifts to bring back and had a great time. Take a look at the view of the park and fountain from our hotel room. Also, our mug shots at the prison. Most of the trip, when we weren't working was spent relaxing in the hotel room. I left Mark in the museum by the information booth and I hope someone takes him on another journey with them. I plan on taking Mark on more trips with me in the future and I'll keep you all informed. 

View our Pictures! Hotel ViewMark Halloween '07Mark Relaxing at HotelMark Prison GiftsPhiladelphia Prisoners

December 6, 2007
Las vegas, Sacramento, San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles
Hey Guys!
I happened upon Mark in Las Vegas in Nov 2007. As I was coming out of the restroom, there was mark on the drinking Fountian just hanging out. At first I thought someone had left a picture or a postcard, but once I flipped it over, I was totally in on taking Mark around. So, Mark and us checking into the Venetian Hotel for a few days, where he I think had a great time. Not sure if marks drinks, but he seemed to like being proped up against the Jager Bottle, lol. After a week of Vegas, mark flew home with us to San Diego where I'm happy to say he has a nice tan going on. He's been in the car for most of the time, so he's been all around the sights of San Diego, along with other areas of Southern California. Well, Somehow I thought Mark might want to see Northern California, I took him along on my weekly flights to Sacramento for work. I thought of checking to see if he wanted to hang out in Sacramento til the next adventure but then I realized we have friends flying in this week from Seattle so I think he's like to check that out, plus he's gonna travel in good hands. 

I don't know where he'll go after Seattle but I hope he has a wonderful trip. I know I had a great time showing him around.

And to the family and friends of mark, I cant tell you how cool I think this idea was. I only hope that I get to have a send off the same way. 

Happy Holidays


November 19, 2007
Going to Scotland
I met Mark thru my friend Joe Barrett who passed Mark's picture to me. I have lived in Chicago for eight years but I am originally from Scotland. I just wanted to tell everyone that Mark will be joining me on my trip to Scotland to visit my family. I am leaving on Nov 20th returning to Chicago on the 27th Nov. Mark will also be travelling with me to Thailand on Dec 10th returning Jan 18th and will hopefully be helping me with my golf swing. I will take some pictures and send them for everyone to see. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.


November 2, 2007
Roy Hobbs (aka: Joe Barrett)
Sanibel and Captiva Islands, FL
I met mark at a dinner party in Long Grove, IL. Linda of Minnesota and Hawaii introduced us. He was quiet at first but once he knew that I was a ficticious baseball player, he warmed up to me immediately. I suggested that he should travel to Sanibel Island, FL. He accepted my invite and is with me now. I will keep you updated as we travel.

Updated: Back from Sanibel and Captiva Islands, FL to Homer Glen, IL

Mark and a group of my neighbors toured the Gulf Coast of Florida, enjoying many fine meals and some quality time in sunny Florida. Outdoor sports included deep sea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, Golfing at the Dunes Golf Course on Sanibel Island and Roller Blading through a new subdivision in Estero, FL. 

Mark and I had a long talk and he mentioned that he has really enjoyed his time here in the USA, but would like to travel abroad to Europe and Asia. I told him that he was in luck, a short friend of mine (Robert of Scotland aka: Robert McElwee) was going to traveling to Scotland over the Thanksgiving holiday and from their he would be making his way to Phuket Thailand to holiday with friends and family. Mark was so excited, he damn near jumped out of his plastic casing.

Robert of Scotland has Mark right now and is leaving for Scotland tommorrow.(November 19, 2007)

November 4, 2007
Cleveland - Minnesota on the shores of Lake Jefferson
Mark is lingering in Minnesota a bit longer.  He is enjoying the lake while it is still liquid.  He saw some wild turkeys come across the lawn the other day.  Of course, the change of seasons is upon us and fall colors + falling leaves are everywhere.

View our Pictures! Fall in MNBoathouse-Lake JeffersonWild Turkey

Springfield, IL

Mark enjoyed about 3 weeks in Minnesota on Lake Jefferson.  They he enjoyed the fall days on the lake.  He even saw some wild turkeys cross the lawn.

He traveled with me to Springfield, Illinois the weekend of October 27-28, 2007.  Although he wanted to visit the Lincoln sites, he didn't have time.  Since he is a family man, he attended a family wedding.  He had his own place at the table at the reception.  He toasted the bride and groom, ate wedding cake, and even danced.  My nephews even gave him some Guiness.

After the wedding, we spent a few days in Chicago.  He went with me to the Field Museum of Natural History where he saw more dinosaur bones than he ever imagined in one place -- including the famous Sue from South Dakota, a t-rex.

On Monday night, October 29, he joined my family and their friend for dinner.  The friend, Joe, was intrigued with Mark.  They hit it off.  Joe asked Mark to join him on his travels, so Mark is preparing for a wild ride with Joe!

View our Pictures! Mark's place at the tableToasting the Bride and GroomEating Wedding Cake
Dancing with MicheleEnjoying a Guiness

October 29, 2007
Washington DC
I met Mark the first day he came to work at Goulds Pumps. I took care of him. :-)

I traveled to Washington DC with Mark on a trip for Goulds. We both attended a training class on Personal computers. Mark got mad at me because I got yelled at in class for chewing ice. We had a good time.

October 25, 2007
The pier at Juno Beach, West Palm Beach, FL
I left the picture of Mark in the bait shack on the pier at the beach.
I should mention that Mark was traveling with eight other women besides myself - we call ourselves Wild Women Don't Get The Blues. We had a lot of laughs and quite a few beverages!  And yes, there was dancing - in the streets, the beach, the bars and poolside! I think that Mark would have enjoyed it all!!
I also left a picture of Mark in Atlanta on the plane.

October 20, 2007
Ontario Canada - Vancouver British Columbia
Hello,  My husband and I met Mark on a park bench outside our hotel in St. Catherines, Ontario Canada.  We decided to bring him to our home in Sarnia, Ontario for a few days before he travels with my husband on a busiess trip to Vancouver British Columbia.  I'm sure that he will find an interesting travelling companion there.

We are sorry for your loss and wish Mark's family all the best.  I hope he journeys far and his family takes some comfort from that.

Just some words of encouragement from a poem sent to me when I lost someone very special to me.

I can not say
and I will not say
That he is dead 
He is just away.

With a cheery smile 
and a wave of the hand, 
He has journied in to an unknow land,
That leaves us dreaming 
how very fair, It needs must be
Since he lingers there.

So think of him fairing on as dear,
In the love of there,
As in the love of here.

Think of him still as the same I say,
For he is not dead, he is just away.

Good luck,


October 9, 2007
New York City
Dad and I went on a little trip to New York City.  We had so much fun on the trip there, as well as touring the big city!

View our Pictures!  New York City

October 11, 2007
Cleveland - Minnesota on the shores of Lake Jefferson
I met Mark at Wai'anapanapa State Park near Hana, Maui, Hawaii.  He has returned with me to my lake home in rural Cleveland, Minnesota.  I will wait until it seems that he wants to travel again.  I know I have some exciting possibilities for Mark to join me in Chicago, in Springfield, Illinois, possibly in Ethiopia, and possibly in Magadan, Russia in the next few months.

I like that Mark likes to travel.  What a cool idea to keep Mark alive!

I lost my husband over 5 years ago.  He was 57 when he died.  He too liked to travel, but I wasn't as clever as you are.  My husband Ken looks somewhat like Mark---only Ken's beard was much more wiry and reddish.  Even my grandson said:  "He looks like Grandpa."

I'll keep you updated as Mark travels with me for awhile.

September 24, 2007
Nevada - Las Vegas
Mark and I went gambling in Las Vegas!  We didn't win any money though.  It was the beginning of our road trip!

Arizona - Route 66
After our long few days in Vegas we decided to hit the road and travel to the Grand Canyon via Route 66.

Arizona - Grand Canyon
After our drive down Route 66 we got to the beautiful Grand Canyon!  We even got to see a rainbow, just like at home in Maui!  After our trip I left Mark with a couple at the airport.  I think he was headed to New Orleans.

View our Pictures!  Las VegasRoute 66Grand Canyon

September 24, 2007
Kay & Eddie
South Carolina - Myrtle Beach
Marks daughter Jess and I are co workers and friends so I thought I would take her father along on our vacation to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. There he spent some time in the sun on the beach with us, and after a day in the sun we all sat on the balcony over looking the ocean for some idle chit chat  
Then it was on to Charleston, South Carolina, followed by Atlanta Georgia.  From there we went our separate ways, us on a flight back to Syracuse, NY and Mark on a flight to Little Rock Arkansas.  
All and all we all had a great time!!!!!  
Hope Marks fun is continueing............

View our Pictures!  Myrtle Beach 1,  Myrtle Beach 2

August 29, 2007
Pittsburgh - California
I picked Mark up from the seat pocket on a United flight to Pittsburgh PA from my stop over in Chicago. He traveled with me around Pittsburgh while I attended a business meeting then went out to dinner and drinks with me and my co-workers. We had a great time. PS - we had a steak sandwich for lunch, they come with french fries in them in Pittsburgh with onion rings on the side- and a beer ICLight- a local staple. Salad for dinner with wine. From Pittsburgh we traveled to the Denver airport where we caught a flight back to Sacramento, CA. I left Mark on his way to Los Angeles, CA...

August 20, 2007
Morgan & Bret & Christopher
Morgan, Bret, and Christopher spent 2 weeks enjoying Hawaii, one place Mark had always dreamed of traveling.  From scuba diving, a Luau , to just enjoying the beach, it was the most unforgettable trip!

View our Pictures! Hawaii

August 15, 2007
Mark and I spent a great week in sunny Phoenix AZ many years ago.  It was an IBM conference.  We road around in a rented convertible, top down,  with the air on full blast.   A group of us went out to dinner and had rattle snake.
8/25/1951 - 11/30/2006
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October 10, 2016
England, Scotland, Wales

Mark went with me on my trip to the UK in September where he was able to revisit some of his favourite places! :) 
I brought pictures of Mark with me from NY and left them in different places for others to discover, including: England (Stonehenge, Bath, the Tower of London, Fountains Abbey, Brimham Rocks, Whitby Abbey), Scotland (Edinburgh Castle and Ibis Hotel in Edinburgh), and Wales (Conwy Castle). 

Sept. 10-25, 2016 - The trip started with a drive to Toronto then a flight to London. In London Mark saw the London Eye, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Princess Diana memorial in Hyde Park, and he didn't even know it at the time, but he saw the 2016 Tour of Britain! He saw the Tower of London (pic), the British Museum, and, of course, did some shopping at Harrods and Covent Garden. He saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and saw Wicked! Mark took a bus tour to Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge (pic), and Bath where we saw the Roman baths(pic). Next Mark traveled on the train to North Yorkshire where he visited Fountains Abbey (pic), Harewood House, Brimham Rocks(pic), York Minister and had afternoon tea at Betty's. After that it was on to Wales where Mark spent the day walking around Conwy and touring Conwy Castle (pic). Back in Yorkshire, Mark visited Saltaire, Harrogate, Ripon, and Knaresborough (pic). Mark was then on to Scotland to see Edinburgh. He saw Arthur's Seat and toured Holyrood Palace and Abbey, and visited Edinburgh Castle (pic). Finally it was back to England where he saw Whitby Abbey (pic) and the seaside village of Staithes. On this trip, Mark was able to once again visit some of his favorite places as well as take time to see some new ones!

View our Pictures! Tower of LondonStonehengeBathFountains AbbeyBrimham RocksConway CastleKaresboroughEdinburgh CastleWhitby Abbey 

October 6, 2016
France, Spain, Germany
Lora Vazquez

We first went to Paris. Mark's first sight of the Eiffel Tower was from our balcony. We went up in the tower and were able to see the River Seine as it meandered through Paris. On the way down, we stopped for a beer. We strolled down the Champs Elysees and saw the Arc d'Triomphe. Next day we visited Versailles and Monet's gardens and studio at Giverny. Mark stopped to smell the roses! We moved on the Germany where we visited Schloss Neuschwanstein and ate Bavarian food. Great trip!! 

View our Pictures! Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4Picture 5Picture 6Picture 7Picture 8Picture 9 

September 25, 2016
Birmham, Yorkshire

We traveled with Mark around the rocks with the children.

View our Pictures! Birmham

July 18, 2016
Mary Green

Mark is my Brother-in-Law and we took him to Japan.  Mark visited Tokyo Disney Sea with us and we left him there.

December 2, 2015
Vicksburg, MS

A friend gave Mark to me in Cabot.  I brought him to Vicksburg Military Park and to the New York Monument at the park.

View our Pictures! Vicksburg National Military Park Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3Pic 4Pic 5

July 28, 2015
New York City, Paris, Clermont Ferrand, Issoire, Limoges & London

I worked with Mark's daughter, Nora.  This summer 2015 I flew to France for vacation.  I visited Paris, Lyon, Clermont Ferrand (Puy de Domes), Issoire, limoges and I made a stop to London on my way back to the United States.

View our Pictures! AirportParis 1Paris 2

July 5, 2014
Peterborough, ON
Kelly Cormack

December 9, 2012
Lone Elk Park, Missouri  
Pete Shaw

I found him in Lone Elk Great Animal Land cache in St. Louis County, Missouri and he hiked around with me throughout Lone Elk Park. I will move him to Southwest Missouri later in the week. He is a good companion and very agreeable. Doesn't say much.

View our Pictures! Elk HollowElk RetreatLone Elk Dr Ledge

July 24, 2011
Eagle River, Wisconsin            
P & P

We found him on June 26, 2011 in a cache near Eagle Waters Resort which is located in Eagle River, Wisconsin and took him back to Marquette, MI with us. On July 22, 2011 we took him geocaching with us and left him at Horseshoe Lake near Republic, MI - a pretty place where he can enjoy the beautiful woods and cool off with a swim in the lake.

View our Picture! Horsehoe Lake

April 24, 2011
Atlantic City , New Jersey  

We arrived in Atlantic city, New Jersey and stayed at Ballys Casino Hotel. We took Mark gambling in the casino. Sorry to say we didn't win much. We took Mark with us to dinner the next night at Caesars Buffet.  The next day we walked along the boardwalk and the ocean and always ended up at the Irish Pub for lunch. Good food and beverage of course. The last day we left Mark at the Irish Pub to move on around the country.

View our Pictures! Caesars Buffet, Irish Pub